20 Beets Benefits That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

20 Beets Benefits That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

Beets are the taproot portion of the Beet plant. Other than the food, Beets have been used as a food coloring and as a medicinal plant.

Beets are grown all over the world. It is commonly used in cooking delicious meals and as a natural medicine

Beets are very nutritious and also delicious. You just need to know a good way to prepare them and include them in your diet in a tasty and nutritious way.

So let’s check some of the major Beets benefits.

Health Benefits Of Beets

Beets are packed with healthy nutrients and vitamins. You can start including Beets in your diet, so can get the benefits of this amazing vegetable.

Here are some important Beet benefits to your body.

Cardiovascular Health

One of the Important benefits of Beets is that they’re high in Nitrates and Nitrates convert to Nitric Oxide in the body.

The way this benefits your system is that Nitric oxide helps to dilate your blood vessels and so helps with blood flow in your body.

So if you have that problem which is a circulatory problem, again it’s the same circulatory problem that would lead to heart disease.

It helps with lowering blood pressure and bringing blood flow to and from the heart more efficiently. So that’s great for cardiovascular health.

Erectile Dysfunction

Another way that Beets helps that Nitric Oxide in it is that same mechanism of action is the way drugs and Viagra and Cialis work in the body to help with erectile dysfunction.

In fact, Romans used to use them as Aphrodisiacs because they saw it there was a benefit to using them.

So if you have any sort of Erectile Dysfunction or libido issue or desire issue then beets are certainly something to include in your routine.

Balance Testosterone Levels

Beets improve the exits Estrogen the Liver and also indirectly raised some Testosterone levels to balance it out. It won’t give you too much Testosterone but it balances out to a normal level.

Testosterone works with the liver so it’s a really good hormonal balancer. So it will decrease Estrogen and increase Testosterone giving you better workouts, more endurance, more stamina, 

Detoxification Of Liver

If you want to keep your liver healthy, including Beets would be fantastic for that as well

Beets are also an amazing detoxifier for the Liver. So if you have any sort of Liver disease, if you drink a lot of alcohol or take a lot of medications, you should definitely include Beets in your diet to help remove some of those toxins from your system.

If you have any sort of Liver issue you want to include Beets in your diet, start out with small amounts especially if you’re doing raw.

Blood Purification

Beets are also a great blood purifier. So if you have any Lymphatic issues or Immune dysfunction you should include beets in your diet.

Beetroot helps to clean toxins attribute, Lymphatic system, your Circulatory system, and it helps to rebuild your blood.

Beets help to clean your system so that you feel more energetic and better over time.

Beets are also a great source of Tryptophan. Tryptophan is the Amino acid that converts to Serotonin.

So if you have any sort of mood disorder like Anxiety or Depression, including Beets might help to alleviate that to some degree because of the Tryptophan content.

So again you want to think about including that if you’re struggling with your mood.

Beet salad in a bowl on a blue top table along with for raw beets and a bootle of Oil

Amazing Source Of Nutrition

Beets are an amazing source of nutrition.

The bright red color of Beets implies that they have a lot of Carotenoids. That is great for your immune function.

They’re also a good source of Potassium and Fiber, and Magnesium and they also have B complex nutrients in them as well as iron.

Beets are very low in saturated fat and cholesterol, they’re a good source of vitamin C, Iron and Magnesium and a very good source of Dietary Fiber, Potassium, and Manganese

If you need a blood building, if you have some sort of deficiency like Iron deficiency, Folic acid, B 12 deficiency or any sort of nutrient deficiency, this would be a great way to get some concentrated nutrition into your system.

Big Source Of Energy

Including Beets in your diet to reduce any sort of malabsorption or weakness in the body would be great. Beets are a great energy source as they are high in sugar.

So if you feel a need to boost your energy level during working hours, including Beets into a salad might be a really great way to get a nice concentrated source of energy.

What’s different between a Beet and let’s say candy?

When you eat high concentrated sugar from candy, you get these big spikes in blood sugar and then there are big drops.,

Whereas Beets might be able to provide constant and steady energy.

If you throw the small pieces of Beets into your salad, you’ll get a nice gradual increase in your energy level, but not necessarily this massive drop, because it’s not as concentrated as sugar in candy.

So including that just to have a nice regular consistent energy throughout the day would be fantastic as well.

Beets Benefits In Diabetes

Beetroot has been used for treatments of a variety of conditions for centuries they have especially been seen to aid an illness relating to digestion and blood.

Lower Blood Glucose

Now Beets contain Alpha Lipoic Acid. It is a very powerful antioxidant that has been shown to lower blood glucose levels, increase insulin sensitivity, and prevent oxidative stress-induced changes in patients with diabetes.

A 2011 study of The University of British ColumbiaALA prevents beta-cell destruction and enhances glucose uptake.

Also, its antioxidant effects may be particularly useful in slowing down the development of diabetic complications like Diabetic Retinopathy.

Reduction In Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is another aspect of diabetes that really needs to be controlled.

In 2013 The Nutrition Journal conducted a review of evidence from 16 trials including a total of 254 participants.

These studies concluded that drinking beetroot juice was linked with a significant reduction in systolic blood pressure levels.

While the findings are encouraging there also needs to be more long-term studies according to the review well so far so good.

Reduction In Damages Of Neuropathy

Well, as we have discussed before, the main problem of diabetes patients is Diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy is responsible for numbness and tingling in various parts of the body.

Beets have the ability to help slow down the damages as a result of Neuropathy.

Beets have a medium glycemic Index at 64 they have a low Glycemic Load at 5.8. So are Beets good for Diabetes? I say yes, they are.

Beneficial properties and the Low Glycemic Index make them a good addition to your plate.

Healthy Red Beet Slices

Beets Benefits During


Beetroot is a sweet healthy vegetable with many medicinal properties.

It acts as a blood purifier and a natural detoxifier for the human body.

You can eat it raw or cooked get up and eat it along with other vegetables during pregnancy.

Drinking Beetroot juice on a daily basis helps to revitalize your body.

You will find lots of individuals who warn you of the dangers of eating Beets during pregnancy. In fact, there is no genuine reason that beets may harm you or your baby.eg

Reduces Risk Of Birth Defects

If you eat Beets during pregnancy, one reduced risk of birth defects Beetroot is rich in Folic acid that is essential for regular tissue growth.

Also Folic acid is very important for the development of the infant’s spinal cord during the first trimester of your pregnancy.

Eating or drinking Beets during pregnancy ensures good development of your baby’s spinal cord and prevents the risk of defects in the spinal cord such as Spina Bifida.

Boosts Immunity

Beets help boost your immunity levels substantially. During pregnancy, you need high immune levels to stay safe from different infections.

Prevents Osteoporosis

Pregnant women are more prone to Osteoporosis than others. Beets are rich in Calcium and Silica.

So eating Beets during pregnancy prevents the calcification of your teeth and bones and prevents the risk of Osteoporosis.

Regulates Metabolism In Pregnancy

Beetroot is an excellent source of Potassium.

Drinking Beetroot juice or eating Beets balances electrolytes and controls metabolism substantially during pregnancy.

Also, it helps maintain blood pressure levels in expecting mothers. 

Prevents Joint Pain During Pregnancy

Beets also have powerful anti-inflammatory properties, so consuming Beets during pregnancy prevents joint pain and swelling.

It boosts physical stamina also which is beneficial during your delivery.

Eating Beetroot can also maintain blood pressure during your delivery.

Prevents Anemia During Pregnancy

As beetroot is rich in iron, it helps increase your hemoglobin level in the blood. So the use of beetroot during pregnancy prevents the risk of anemia by ensuring adequate Hemoglobin levels.

Beetroot also has the capability to purify the blood. Blood purification prevents the risk of infections to your baby

Controls Blood Sugar Levels

Beetroot contains low Glycemic contents. So the sugar conversion process is quite time-consuming.

Eating Beets during pregnancy helps stabilize blood glucose levels.

How To Use Beets In Diet

If you’re one of those people that’s unsure of how to include Beets in your diet or you’re not sure if you’d really like them, let me give you some suggestions.

Let’s see if we can help you include them in your diet.

Beetroot Juice

The first one is having fresh juice every day or every few days. Beetroot juice is a tasty and nutritious way to get maximum Beets benefits.

By including beets and carrots, apple, and ginger, in a juicer and then having that is a great way to get lots of nutrition and Antioxidants into your body.

It’s better to mix Beetroot juice with other vegetable juice like carrot, spinach or cucumber because Beet juice alone is very strong in nature.

Benefits To Reduce Muscular Fatigue

Beetroot juice supplementation found to be effective to diminish the muscular fatigue associated with high-intensity workouts.

According to a study published in The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition proves that Beetroot juice supplementation has been shown to diminish the muscular fatigue associated with high-intensity exercises.

Beetroot Juice To Lower Blood Pressure

A study published in The British Journal Of Nutrition in 2012 proves that Beetroot juice has Cardioprotective Blood pressure-lowering properties due to the Nitrates in it.

Use Beets In Salad 

Another way to use Beets is by roasting them and keep in the refrigerator for some time, then slice them up and throw them in salads.

Also, you can make a salad on of them just on their own.

This is a great way to boost your immune function. Another way is just to take a raw Beet and just grate it into your salad.

You might often see that in a salad in a restaurant but just grating that into your salad just a little bit would be fantastic.

Use the Beet greens also. These greens are loaded with nutrition, the same nutrients that exist in the beans. Beet greens contain lots of Folic acids, Iron, and other nutrients.

Make A Beetroot Soup

Another way is that you can put them into soups. You can try amazing beet ginger soup, that’s really amazing and nutritious.

You can also use Beets with other vegetables of your choice.

You can also try it as roasted vegetables with Pistachio, Nuts, and a little bit of Olive oil.

Beetroot Powder

Beetroot powder is another good way to include Beets in your diet. You can make Beetroot powder easily at home.

How To Make Beetroot Powder

Well making Beetroot powder at home is really simple.

  • Cut Beetroot in thin slices
  • Keep these slices in sunlight for three days.
  • After three days grind these dried beetroot slices in a spice grinder to make the powder.
  • Keep this powder in sunlight for 24 hours. After 24 hours grind this powder in spice grinder again to make a fine powder.
  • Always keep Beetroot powder in an airtight glass jar.

Benefits Of Beetroot Powder

Beets in powder form is available online and in health food stores. Let’s check some of the amazing benefits of Beetroot powder.


  • A healthy liver is very important for healing. Beetroot powder is excellent for detoxing the body as it contains some powerful nutrients which help to cleanse the liver. These rare nutrients called Betaine help to reduce a fatty liver.


  • Simply adding Beetroot powder into your diet will help your body to flush out toxins and purify the blood mix a little powder into your smoothies juices or soups.


  • Beetroot powder contains a high amount of natural sugars however the Fiber causes the body to process this sugar properly unlike refined white sugar.


  • It is a rich source of nutrients including Potassium, Phosphorus, Iron, Zinc, and Calcium. Beets also contain Vitamin A, B, and C.


  • Adding Beetroot powder to your diet also balances Estrogen and Testosterone hormones in the body. So you will get more energy and better exercise workouts.


  • Beet effectively balances pH levels in the blood which naturally helps the immune system to protect itself from invaders.


  • Men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction may find that taking this powder helps them to gain erections as blood flow will be increased.


  • The high concentration of Antioxidants and minerals prevents free radical damage in the body and slows down the effects of aging on the organs and skin.


It is recommended to take around 4 to 6 teaspoons of Beetroot powder spread out throughout the day for the best effects.

When buying Beetroot powder look for organic products that contain no additives or sweetness for the best possible health benefits.

Beetroot Powder Benefits To Skin

Beetroot powder is very effective for your skin whether it’s in a form of drink or face mask.

This also helps with healing the dead skin.

You can make facemask with Beetroot powder to get a healthy and fresh face.

Beetroot Powder Face Mask

This helps a lot in improving your skin tone and getting the pinkish glow to your face. This face mask generally well with all skin types like regular, dry or oily.

To start with, first, clean your face using raw Goatmilk (fresh unprocessed milk) With the help of a cotton swab. This process helps with removing the excess oil and dirt you have on your face.

Massage your face for 1-2 minutes, leave it for a few minutes until it gets dry, and then wash your face. Then gently pat your skin with a towel.

  • Make the paste of  Beetroot powder in a bowl.


  • Add one tablespoon of fresh lime juice in it.


  • Add 1 tablespoon of Yogurt, Glycerin, Aloe Vera gel, and ½ tablespoon Sandalwood powder.


  • Mix it well and now It’s ready to use now. Apply it on your face.


  • Leave this mask on your face for 20-25 minutes and then wash it with normal water.


This face mask works great on acne-prone or blackhead prone skins. With regular use, this face mask will be very useful for you if you have dark circles or puffy eyes.

This face mask will also help to make your face soft and also acts as a moisturizer.

Healthy Beetroot Greens

Health Benefits Of Beet


Beet leaves also called Beetroot Greens are loaded with nutritional and therapeutic value.

You can also eat the leaves and stems of beets for some great benefits.

Generally, these parts of the plant often get cut off and thrown away, however, they are very nutritious to eat.

If you are suffering from Anemia, eating Beet greens regularly in a balanced diet will help to combat the problem.

Similar to Spinach, these leaves contain Lutein which is very good for improving vision and maintaining healthy eyes.

Beet greens are also extremely rich in Vitamin K. Vitamin K is very important for the body to maintain healthy bone mass.

The vitamin K concentration will also help prevent Osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease.

Beetroot greens also contain valuable amounts of Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Protein, Phosphorus, Zinc, Magnesium, Potassium, Copper, Iron and Manganese.

How To Use Beetroot Greens

You can use beet greens by sauteing them in a pan with some Olive oil.

You can also boil Beetroot Greens in hot water for one minute, this will make the leaves taste slightly sweeter.

I recommend eating these with some delicious poached eggs or for a vegan treat enjoy them with tofu.

Alternatively, add them to your usual salads.

The stems are quite bitter so it’s better to cook these in a little lime juice, and honey for a zingy flavor.


So now it is proved that Beets are the best nutrient powerhouses you have. Beets provide benefits to almost every part of your body. 

So include Beets in your daily diet from today to get maximum Beets benefits for your body, brain, and skin.

If you are already getting Beets benefits in any form, or you have any other regarding beets, please share with us in comments.


Have A Happy & Healthy Life.


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