13 Incredible Brazil Nuts Benefits-How To Use These Nuts

13 Incredible Brazil Nuts Benefits-How To Use These Nuts

Did you know the most important health benefits of Brazil nuts? Did you know that using only one Brazil nut daily will give you 100% of your daily requirements for Selenium?

If you are not aware of the amazing benefits of this super-food, you are missing something very important.

Brazil nuts are one of the top Selenium sources. which is very important for optimal thyroid health

Origin Of Brazil nuts

It grows on one of the largest trees in the Amazon rain-forest some of which are maybe more than a thousand years old.

It was mentioned first time in Western literature dates back to 1569.

The interesting thing about Brazil nuts is that it only grows well in untouched areas of the rain-forest.

Brazil nuts cannot be farmed because they are dependent on the habitat of a dense rain-forest.

Nutritional Value Of Brazil Nuts 

Fresh brazil nuts on a smooth white surface

Brazil nuts are incredibly nutritious because they are a rich source of minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, and Selenium. 

Brazil nuts are

  • 14% Protein,
  • 12% Carbohydrate,
  • 66% fat by Weight
  • 85% of their calories come from fat,
  • 100 gm amount provides 656 total calories.

The fat components of Brazil Nuts are: 

  • 23% saturated,
  • 38% monounsaturated,
  • 32% polyunsaturated.

Shelled brazil nuts may quickly become rancid due to their high Polyunsaturated fat content, mainly Omega-6 fatty acids  

Nutritionally, Brazil nuts are an excellent source of Dietary Fiber (30% DV) and various Vitamins and dietary Minerals.

A 100-gram of Brazil nuts contains rich content of

  • Thiamin (54% DV), Vitamin E (38% DV),
  • Magnesium (106% DV),
  • Phosphorus (104% DV),
  • Manganese (57% DV) and
  • Zinc (43% DV)
  • & most important Selenium.

Selenium Power House 

Brazil nuts are considered as the richest dietary source of Selenium. 

An only one-ounce serving of 6 to 7 nuts supplying 774% DV. This is 10 times the adult U.S. Recommended Dietary Allowance.

More even than the Tolerable Upper Intake Level. The amount of selenium within different batches of nuts varies greatly.

Brazil Nuts Benefits

Development of body and good mental development, both are necessary.

So if you want to get both instantly then just go for Brazil nuts

Yes, Brazil nuts are one of the best and the most demanding edible things that come in the form of dry fruits.   

It has a lot of rich benefits for human beings.

Let’s have a look into some of the most important benefits of these amazing nuts.

1) Regulate The Thyroid Hormone

close up pic of brazil nuts.

Remember Brazil nuts are one of the best natural sources of Selenium which is needed by the Thyroid to make active.

Some of the symptoms of a Hypothyroidism are

  • Weight gain
  • Constipation
  • Dry skin
  • Thinning hair
  • Feeling cold 

Brazil nuts have rich amount of Triiodothyronine enzyme. 

This enzyme helps to the parts of the body in the production of the adequate amount of Thyroid hormone and prevents any hyperactivity.

2015 study proves that increasing Selenium levels via Brazil nut supplementation was associated with improvement in Thyroid hormone levels.

As we mentioned earlier, eating 1 to 3 Brazil nuts daily is enough to support your Thyroids ability to produce active Thyroid hormone.

2) Acne Treatment

If you are looking for a good thing that would be able to balance the mineral of the body along with the rich amount of Zinc, Brazil nuts would be the right choice.

Acne problems occur when the balance of hormones get the imbalance in the body.

These nuts are the good source of Zinc with the Vitamin-E that prevents from the Acne kind of problems. 

Also, the Selenium in the nuts improves skin elasticity, relieves redness and inflammation.

The Selenium also helps in the formation of Glutathione and this neutralizes the free radicals.  

3) The Good Digestion

To live a happy and healthy life and keeping the body good and healthy, digestion is most important.

Brazil Nuts provide you with good digestion.

These nuts are the good source of the dietary fiber and minerals that provide good digestion to the body. 

Brazil nuts are good sources of both Soluble and Insoluble Fibers, while the Ist one helps food move through the digestive tract & the second facilitates bowel movement. 

4) Weight Loss

feet of a woman with green nail polish standing on a weighing machine

Due to the lack of time people not able to give full consideration to their health and they get obesity issues.

After all, people look for the option that they could lose their weight in an easy way.

Now for this purpose, the Brazil nuts are also a very effective option because the Brazil nuts have Carbohydrates Fiber and patients in rich amount.

There are more than 25 studies showing that eating Nuts supports weight loss, especially when eating Nuts replace other foods.

A study published in 2013 shows that the ingestion of a single serving of Brazil nut can acutely improve the serum lipid profile of healthy volunteers.

The Protein, Fiber, and Healthy fats found in nuts are exactly the nutrients your body needs to keep your blood sugar stable and to keep you feeling full so that you don’t overeat. 

5) Nutrient Absorption

The Brazil nuts are the good and perfect way for the nutrient absorption through the bloodstream.

These nuts have a good amount of Iron, Copper and other trace materials.

All these materials help in the digestive system and keep your body healthy.

6) Boosting Immunity

As we have mentioned earlier in the above lines that the Brazil nuts are rich in Selenium, Antioxidants, and Vitamins which all provide the essential healing to the body in an internal way.

Additionally, it also has the Thiamine and Riboflavin which has the ability to reduce the effects of infections and inflammation to number

7) Mental Health

As we know that today everyone is much busier in their daily work schedule.

So our mind faces a much harder position and to keep it healthy we need some good and powerful foods.

Use Brazil nuts and provide a good amount of Amino acid to your brain and keep it active.

8) Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

Risk of Cancer can be reduced by using Brazil nuts. Brazil nuts contain quality nutrition for your body.

They provide great power to the body for the fighting with the free radicals. So Brazil nuts can also help in cancer prevention.

9) Heart Health

Brazil nuts also support a healthy heart because they are high in heart-healthy Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated Fatty acids.

This type of fat prevents Plaque buildup on artery walls and protects against strokes and coronary artery disease.

So, Brazil nuts are a very good option for giving good health to the heart because they contain a good amount of Potassium also which work as the Vasodilator. Whereas good fat helps to keep healthy to heart. 

10) Bone Density

If you are suffering from the week’s bones.

If you have not got any good resource that gives you a better density in your bones.

Also, If you want to feel your bones newer and at the right and the correct place.

Just go for the Brazil nuts and fill the power in your bones.

11) Hair Growth

The deficiency of Selenium can lead to hair loss. This is because Selenium helps your body process the proteins required for hair growth.

Selenium also stimulates the hair follicles and encourages hair growth. 

12) Improves Sexual Health

Brazil nuts improved sexual health the nuts play a role in hormonal health. Selenium supplementation was found to improve sperm count and sperm motility. 

Some studies have confirmed the relationship between Selenium and testosterone.

it was also found that men who were infertile were found to have low levels of selenium. 

these nuts can also help treat Erectile Dysfunction. 

How To Use Brazil Nuts

The optimum amount of Brazil nuts you should use daily is 1 to 3 nuts.

Do not eat more than 4 per day otherwise, you will risk for getting too much Selenium.

To get the most nutritional Brazil nuts to purchase them raw and with their shell on.

Since Brazil nuts are high in Polyunsaturated fatty acids they will go rancid quickly when exposed to air light and heat.

So keep them in the shell in the refrigerator to store them.

You can eat Brazil nuts on their own or chop them up, add them to Salads, Oatmeal, Stir-fries or Baked foods. 

Brazil nut milk which is a tasty alternative to soy or regular milk, but make sure that you don’t overdo it as you might otherwise exceed the RDA of Selenium.

Like any other healthy every food, brazil nuts also have a dark side. So it’s better to use these nuts within the limit to get maximum benefits

You can also use Brazil nuts with other varieties of Nuts, Seeds, and Antioxidants in order to increase the nutritional value of your diet.

Adding Brazil Nuts to your diet will help you lose weight and will protect your heart and blood vessels.


That’s about the benefits of Brazil nuts. Adding Brazil Nuts to your diet will help you lose weight and will protect your heart and blood vessels.

There are several other nutrients in the nuts that make them powerful & Unique.

The best way is to eat them raw or blanched or you can even roast and salt them like most nuts.


Have A Happy & Healthy Life.

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