12 Best Foods To Reverse Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms At Home

12 Best Foods To Reverse Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms At Home

Most people ignore Erectile Dysfunction symptoms due to the lack of awareness. On the other hand, Erectile Dysfunction is on the rise as half of all world men population between the ages of 40 and 70 years and over a quarter of younger men thought to have ED. 

The physical & psychological effects of this disease can be really devastating on men and their partners.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction In Men? 

Now check some of the major causes of Erectile Dysfunction.

Over Use Of Sex Performance Medicines

In fact, excessive Masturbation and watching lots of Porn do not cause erectile dysfunction.

Using Viagra or some other medicine unnecessarily to boost your performance above normal levels might cause the problem.

A recent study published in the Journal of Medicine found that excessive use of these medicines in healthy men can create dependency issues and up their risk of psychological related Erectile Dysfunction.


Diabetes is the main cause of Erectile Dysfunction. It does this because the high blood sugar levels damage the lining of the blood vessels called the Endothelium.

The Endothelium is responsible to produce Nitric Oxide.

Nitric Oxide is really important for erections because it will help maintain proper blood flow which is how an erection works.

So what’s needed is the ability to heal the lining of the blood vessels and by working with diet and exercise you can control your blood sugar levels.

An overweight shirtless man wearing black trouser stnding on a roadside under the tree. his obesity can cause him erectile dysfunction


Obesity is another major factor in Erectile Dysfunction.

With obesity, you have different circulatory problems. you have inflammation specifically cardiac inflammation.

Now anything that works at hampering proper blood flow messes up the erection.

So for obesity, we’re talking about again diet and exercise lifestyle things and all of these things help to heal the lining of the blood vessels.

Cardiac Disease

Remember, heart disease and Erectile dysfunction is interrelated. Erectile dysfunction is actually a predictor of heart disease.

So if you have Erectile dysfunction symptoms and you’ve had any heart attacks or any other cardiovascular issues, you should consult a doctor to work with the Erectile dysfunction.

Actually, Erectile dysfunction is an indicator saying you that something is wrong with your circulation and the circulatory system.

So one of the ways to work with this is to work with the circulation, work with the Endothelium so that you can get proper blood flow.

A gauge of blood pressure apparatus


Hypertension is high blood pressure and high blood pressure does damage to the blood vessels. 

Also, the major side effect of high blood pressure medication is Erectile dysfunction.

So you want to work at getting rid of your medication by controlling your blood pressure not just throw your medication away.

So anything that helps to heal the Endothelium and produce adequate amounts of Nitric oxide will help with your blood pressure.

Also maintaining a proper diet, watching your salt intake, watching your caffeine, intake all that helps with high blood pressure.

Medicinal Side Effects  

Well, there are some medication side effects that can be causing Erectile Dysfunction.

Now the prescription medication list is quite extensive but here are a few of them,

  • Antidepressants
  • Antihistamines
  • Hypertension Medication
  • Diuretics
  • Parkinson disease medication
  • Certainly Chemotherapy, and many others.

If you have Erectile Dysfunction and you have any of these medications in your prescription package, talk to your doctor about it now.

A bottle of Brandy and whiskey on the table both of them can cause erectile dysfunctionAlcohol

Alcohol is a known depressant to your body and can often contribute to erection problems. 

It makes it more difficult to not only have erections but can make it harder to sustain and these incomplete erections can affect the sexual experience.

Actually, Alcohol slows and prevents the release of sex hormones affecting blood flow to the Penis and that can make it harder to get and sustain an erection.

The worst thing is that Alcohol can damage the Testes over time. This can also lower your Testosterone which inhibits sexual function.

So it’s a big worry in a lot of ways but having a little less to drink helps prevent erectile dysfunction and reduces risk and further long-term damage.

Especially if you are a heavy alcohol user, you may need to get counseling on stopping the use of Alcohol.

Remember that even one or two drinks may impair your sexual experience or impair your ability to have erections. 

Poor Dental Hygiene

According to a study the men who were with Erectile Dysfunction were also 79 percent more likely to have been diagnosed with Chronic Periodontal Disease than those without.

Research suggests that due to poor dental hygiene, bad bacteria enter the blood flow & damages blood flow and also impairs the blood flow to the penis.

Psychological Causes 

There are also some psychological causes of Erectile Dysfunction that includes, 

  • Anxiety – worrying about sexual performance is a major factor in psychological erectile dysfunction. Once a man has experienced ED, the fear of continued failure causes further Anxiety, and can further exacerbate the condition
  • Depression – this is a common cause of ED, and while some medications can be helpful for depression, certain anti-depressants are known to cause ED
  • Relationship issues – being in a tense, non-supportive relationship, or in a relationship with unresolved conflicts, can cause ED
  • Financial stress – This is also a major factor. financial stress leads to Anxiety and Depression which are the main causes of Psychological Erectile Dysfunction. 

Reaction to physiological ED – where Erectile Dysfunction has physical or physiological causes, this in itself can cause performance anxiety, and can contribute to physiological ED.

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

The number of Erectile Dysfunction sufferers could be on the increase. Prescriptions of Viagra and other Erectile dysfunction drugs rose from a million people till date.

According to the NHS, this condition particularly affects older men, however, according to a current study published in the Journal of Medicine erectile dysfunction affects 26% of adult men under 40. 

These are the important symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction which every man should take care of.

Painful Intercourse

One of the most common symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction is difficult during intercourse.

This is one condition that affects the most number of men at least once during their lifetime.

The patient is likely to experience pain during intercourse. This pain may range from mild to severe according to the condition.

The pain is primarily due to an inadequate erection or no erection at all. There is also difficulty in ejaculating as well.

Lack Of  Sexual Desire

Another common symptom of Erectile Dysfunction is the lack of sexual desire.

Men who are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction usually do not seem to be interested in sexual practice and are not able to experience sexual arousal.

Painful Urination

Pain while urinating is also an Erectile Dysfunction symptom if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

This can be caused due to certain problems within the circulatory system. That may result in the nerves in the region getting affected and thus causing pain.


Most men with erectile dysfunction also suffer from lack of appetite and also experience a sudden loss of weight.

This lack of appetite as well as weight loss leads to physical weakness.

Drug Dependency  

As we discussed earlier in this article that taking Viagra unnecessarily to boost your performance above normal levels might cause Erectile Dysfunction.

According to a study published in the Journal of Medicine found that in otherwise healthy men you can create dependency issues and increase their risk of psychological related Erectile Dysfunction. 

Treatment Options For Erectile Dysfunction

Treatments that generally a Physician may prescribe for Erectile Dysfunction include:

Blisters of tablets

Oral Medication 

Oral medications such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are mostly used to achieve erections.

These are also effective for most men.

However, they do have some very unpleasant side effects.

Actually, these medications are not a long-term solution to Erectile Dysfunction.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

If tests indicate low Testosterone levels, then Testosterone replacement therapy can help with achieving erections.


Devices like, Vacuum pump and Rubber rings are used to increase blood flow to the Penis.

However, these devices are not always effective and need to be used after consultation with a qualified medical practitioner.

Penile Injections

This treatment involves injecting one or more drugs into the side of the penis. These injections can cause the penis to get a hard erection almost immediately.

However long term use of Penile injections can cause side effects like scarring, and others. 

Another possible side-effect that this medication may produce is a painful, prolonged erection known as Priapism.

Penile Implants

This is an expensive method. So if other treatment options have failed this method should be used as a last resort.

In this method, some devices are surgically implanted into the penis and are used by squeezing a specific part of the device.

Vascular Surgery

This procedure targets the veins and arteries that are responsible for blood supply to the penis.

Because it is a major surgical procedure, it is only used for men who have vascular damage due to Trauma in the area. 

Lifestyle Changes For Better Erections

This is usually the result of an unhealthy lifestyle. So the risk of Erectile Dysfunction can be significantly reversed, by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Try to make the following changes in your lifestyle to get reduce Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms.

Regular Exercise 

Cardiovascular exercise can significantly improve circulation. Therefore it can also increase blood flow to the penis.

It will also help to reduce Cholesterol, and unclogging the arteries.

Also, Strength training will increase levels of Testosterone and Human growth hormone.

Both of these hormones are required for achieving healthy erections.

Avoid Alcohol And Smoking 

Both smoking and alcohol have been shown to contribute to Erectile Dysfunction If consumed in large quantities and should be avoided if possible.

Now after heavy alcohol consumption, if a man succeeds in getting an erection, he may find difficulty in ejaculating or he may not be able to maintain an erection

The most devastating effect of alcohol consumption is that it causes Hypogonadism in men. 

Hypogonadism means a reduced or absent secretion of hormones from the sex glands. 

According to Research published in 2012 that the phenomenon of Erectile Dysfunction is caused by the stimulating and then destructive effect of Alcohol on the Neurologic Reflex Arc.

Improve Your Diet 

To get healthy erections, your diet should consist of Lean Protein, Fiber, plenty of fruit and vegetables, and Nuts.

You should avoid the foods that are high in Fat and Cholesterol, specifically LDL, the bad cholesterol.

Foods To Reduce Erectile Dysfunction


Here are some best foods through which you can reverse your erectile dysfunction symptoms using natural ways.

These foods along with other natural ways to increase Testosterone may help increase your libido and sex drive naturally.


Honey has always been associated with love and sex and also is an important element in erotic literature and movies.

fresh honey good for erectile dysfunction is pouring into white bowl through a spoon.

Research has shown that 3 ounces of honey can increase Nitric oxide levels in your blood by up to 50%.

Nitric oxide as mentioned at the start of this article is the chemical that is released during arousal and is responsible for dilation of the blood vessels in the penis. 

Natural honey is a natural sexual stimulant because it contains Zinc, Vitamins B and E which can be helpful to reduce Erectile Dysfunction symptoms. 

Also, Honey is considered to be a natural sperm booster. It can provide a natural potent remedy if you have a low sperm count issue.

It can boost your sperm count to a level of over 60 million counts, whereas regular intake of honey can also increase the quality of the sperm cells.

Honey in combination with Onion juice will assist you in combating weak erections. 

Red juicy cubes of fresh watermelon that helps to reduce erectile dysfunction symptomsc


Another ideal food for Erectile Dysfunction is Watermelon. Watermelon is rich in L-Citrulline and Lycopene.

According to a study published in 2011, the L-citrulline supplementation improves erection hardness in men with mild Erectile Dysfunction.

When you consume L-Citrulline, it is converted to the Amino acid Arginine.

This Arginine also helps boost Testosterone and it is a good natural source to increase sexual health in men. 

The Lycopene in Watermelon naturally helps blood vessels to relax which improves blood flow. Whereas, good blood flow helps the Penis with a healthy Erection.


Use some dates daily because they are a great natural Aphrodisiac and a good remedy to reduce Erectile Dysfunction symptoms.

Dates are also found beneficial for increasing sexual stamina and energy.

They contain high levels of Estradiol and Flavonoid. according to a study published in 2016 in Asian Journal Of Andrology, The Estradiol is essential in men to modulate Libido, Erectile function and to increase sperm count and motility.

Now Dates are also effective alone but if you want to further enhance the effectiveness, you can use it with milk and cinnamon.

Another best combination of Dates for sexual health is with Watermelon. I have seen the effectiveness of this combination in many people. So you can try this also. 

cooked garlic and oyester in a white plate


Well, these shellfish can really increase your Testosterone levels to a higher level.

Oysters are really a superfood to increase Libido and to reduce Erectile Dysfunction symptoms.

Oysters contain a high quantity of Zinc that is essential for Testosterone production.

So if you have Erectile Dysfunction symptoms, include Oysters in your diet on a regular basis.

Red Meat

I think Beef is the best nutritious meat. Also, you can get benefits from lamb meat also.

The Protein composition of these foods is considered almost close to complete, which is also a good source of Creatine, which makes us stronger and energetic.

Red meat is rich in the nutrient Coenzyme Q10, which not only is good for your heart health but also very important for male sexual health.

So, because Red meat is rich in CoenzymeQ10, it will play an important role in reducing Erectile Dysfunction symptoms as well. 

Meat also contains high levels of Zinc. Zinc is a great mineral to boost your libido by stimulating Testosterone production

The protein in red meat naturally increase levels of Dopamine. Dopamine the brain chemical that is responsible for enhancing your sex drive, mood, and alertness.

But try to use Grass-fed Beef because it is more healthy as compared to the ordinary Beef. 

Egg Yolk 

Egg Yolks are rich in good cholesterol, which is required as building blocks for Testosterone.

Eating raw Eggs is one of the best ways to increase your Testosterone and also to enhance your libido.

Eggs are also one of the best sources of vitamin A, which increase your sperm count.

Eggs also contain a high amount in vitamins B6 and B5. These two vitamins help balance hormone levels and fight stress. Both of these factors are crucial to a healthy libido.

Using Boiled Eggs with semisolid yolk is also a good way to use them. 


Beetroot increases Nitric oxide levels which dilate blood vessels thus increasing blood flow to the penis.

Beets are naturally high in Nitrates which get converted to Nitrites by bacteria in your mouth.

When you eat Beets, your stomach converts them to Nitric oxide and this helps to dilate blood vessels and blood flow.

Beetroot has the highest level of Nitrates among vegetables. So using Beetroot on a regular basis can help in a big way to reduce symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction. 

One and half fresh onions, a good remedy for impotency


Onions are known as one of the greatest Aphrodisiac foods.

It helps increase libido and also strengthens the male reproductive organs.

Onions also increase the testosterone levels in your body and also can help in increasing the sexual stamina.

Using raw Onions on a regular basis is very effective but avoid to eat raw Onions at night. onion juice is another good way to use Onion. 

Add some Honey in Onion juice to increase the taste and also effectiveness. This mixture is good for penile health and is also serves as a great Aphrodisiac.  


Generally, Walnuts are high in Protein and Mono-unsaturated and Polyunsaturated Fats and are low in saturated fats.

They have no Cholesterol and high in Vitamins and Minerals. Also, they are rich in Amino acid Arginine.

Arginine is essential to produce Nitric oxide in your body. Nitric oxide relaxes the blood vessels and is essential to get a good hard erection.

Additionally, some researches show that using nuts can lower the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and can protect you against heart disease.


For the past several decade’s people use this herb as an effective Erectile Dysfunction treatment. It is a bark of a tree found in West Africa. 

since the late 80s, there are many studies around the world proved Yohimbe as an effective herb to treat Erectile Dysfunction. 

It widens the blood vessels to ensure the increased blood flow into the penis. 

Also, the active ingredient Yohimbine of this herb has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of erection problems. 

four ginseng roots are placed ob the in grass in a floor section


Ginseng is a traditional Chinese herb. It is considered to be one of the top herbs to treat Erectile;e Dysfunction.

It also increases male stamina, reduces stress and improves concentration.

Clinical studies show a significant increase in erection time, penile rigidity and overall sexual satisfaction. 

According to a Clinical study published in the International Journal Of Impotence Research use of Red Ginseng in the Erectile Dysfunction showed a significant improvement in penile rigidity and girth.

Also, libido and patient satisfaction were found to be significantly higher.

You can use Ginseng root or a good Gingsing supplement is a good option if you are suffering erectile Dysfunction.  

Horny Goat Weed 

This is a traditional Chinese herb used for the treatment of sexual dysfunction. It is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine extensively to treat sexual issues like low libido, erectile dysfunction, and fatigue. 

The chemical compound Icariin is the active ingredient in horny goat weed. Now, Icariin increases levels of Nitric oxide and relaxes the smooth muscle of the penis.

As it increases penile blood pressure, so considered as an ideal remedy for Erectile Dysfunction.

Horny Goat weed effectively helps you to maintain an erection. It also boosts your Testosterone levels that results in a dramatic increase in your libido.


You can prevent and fix Erectile Dysfunction with some simple changes like

Adapting healthy activities

Avoiding stress

Eating a balanced diet

and remedies mentioned above in this article.

All these things can greatly help to reduce Erectile Dysfunction symptoms.

Another important thing, if you are a woman having this issue in your husband, you must be very supportive.

You have to show care, compassion and support will help your partner in a great way to overcome this problem.


Have A Happy & Healthy Life.

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