Most Common Estrogen Dominance Symptoms In Women

Most Common Estrogen Dominance Symptoms In Women

What Is Estrogen Dominance?

To understand estrogen dominance, It’s important to know that estrogen & progesterone are hormones that oppose each other.

So when you’re producing less of the one you produce more of the other.

Now Estrogen dominance is when you’re and when the levels of estrogen that you are producing are really dominating over progesterone.

So at different times of the month, your estrogen should be on the rise and then when you ovulate it should peak. Then progesterone should peak and estrogen is low and a little repetitive for the next cycle.

So this is what should be happening with estrogen and progesterone.

When you are estrogen dominant then what happens is your estrogen climbs higher & higher and then progesterone doesn’t get a chance to get as high as before estrogen is really taking over.

If this happens month after month then Progesterone really gets squished and this is what’s known as progesterone steal.

Symptoms Of Estrogen Dominance

By recognizing the signs and symptoms of too much estrogen you will be able to make sure your hormones stay regulated.

let’s take a closer look at some of the most prominent signs that you have estrogen dominance.

Low Sex Drive

High amounts of estrogen lead to a lowered sex drive. However, you don’t want your estrogen to fall too low it can also affect your desire for sex for a regular period.

This is because progesterone is being stolen and it’s likely being used to create cortisol in the body because when estrogen is dominant there’s a lot of stress that’s going on and cortisol is a stress hormone.


Bloating is because progesterone is a natural diuretic and so naturally then you will let go of fluid but if you’re not producing enough of progesterone you will hold on to it.

Irregular Or Heavy Menstruation

When your estrogen levels rise it can have the unwanted side effect of giving you a heavier period than normal.

So if that happens you must consider having your estrogen level checked.

Your hormones and your period are closely related. when your Estrogen fluctuates more than it should the time between your periods becomes unpredictable also.

Now some of you might notice that you have an irregular menstrual cycle in terms of and being late or being early.

However, it could be something as simple as and one month you might be really really heavy another month you might not be so heavy.

Sometimes you might go a little longer in your menstruation this is also classed as an irregular menstrual cycle and another symptom of estrogen dominance.

Memory Loss Or Brain Fog

Estrogen can affect your mental health too. Much of the female hormone has been attributed to panic attacks as well as Anxiety,  Depression, Memory loss or a foggy mind.

A lot of the time when you experience this is when you are closer to your menstruation. So when you are ovulating and estrogen is really peaking.

Fat Accumulation

Putting on more than some extra pounds can be an indication of too much estrogen. It causes bloating and makes it even harder to lose weight.

If you’re menopausal and also experiencing estrogen dominance another symptom is fat going around the hips and the thighs. Also excessive fat around the lower abdomen area.

What your body is trying to do is lay fat stores down around the organ. This is because it is either producing Estrogen or you have an Estrogen buildup in the body. Either way, Estrogen dominance really is the problem.

The key to making sure that women’s bodies are hormonal a balanced is making sure that their estrogen levels are where they need to be.

Swollen Breasts

Your breasts can become overly sensitive when your hormone levels change. So if your breasts get tender to the touch it might be an indicator of too much estrogen.

Actually when you are pregnant estrogen causes the breast ducts to enlarge.

Also, Progesterone which is mainly produced in ovaries following ovulation each month can cause the soreness of breasts.

So, if you notice that your breasts are sore or swollen and you are not ovulating or pregnant it could be a cause of too much estrogen.

Frequent Headaches & Hair loss

It is very common for women to experience headaches which are linked to hormonal fluctuations.

Actually, pregnancy and menstruation have the ability to affect your estrogen levels which can result in headaches if they are too high or too low.

So if you are frequently having Migraine. If you are getting headaches more than normal. These issues could be caused by estrogen dominance.

Also, when your body produces too much estrogen your hair begins to thin as it thins it begins to fall out balancing your estrogen levels can take care of this irritating problem.

Insomnia & Cold Extremities

When you are having sleeping problems, the cause could be estrogen excess. Our bodies know when there are problems and often times has problems to adjust. Sleep loss can be a reflection of that.

Estrogen levels can affect circulation too. If your hormone levels are abnormal. it could be the reason you are facing a hard time keeping your hands and feet warm.

Thyroid Dysfunction

Many women who are between 30 to 40 years of age will experience symptoms that are attributed to conditions such as thyroid disease because of too much estrogen.

Mainly this is because when there is too much estrogen the thyroid binding protein called thyroid binding globulin increases.

When this occurs the T4 and T3 thyroid hormones become too low because they become attached to the thyroid globulin.

This will prevent the thyroid hormones from entering the cells which can result in hyperthyroid symptoms.

Causes Of Estrogen Dominance

Here are some of the main causes of estrogen dominance.

a half open small yellow color box containing blur birth control pills in a circular arrangement.

Oral Contraceptives

This is probably the most common cause of estrogen dominance because a lot of women use birth control pills.

About 30% of women in the developed world use these pills.

These birth control pills are harmful to your body & cause estrogen dominance big-time. 

In fact, they provide you with even more estrogen.

Hormone Replacement Therapy( HRT )

HRT is kind of like using birth control pills but it’s worse because it’s usually a higher dose and again it contains the same synthetic hormones.

It has the same or worse side effects that’s why most doctors know better and don’t prescribe this anymore.

Stress & Anxiety

When you are under stress or having Anxiety, your body produces more stress hormones especially cortisol. In order to make cortisol, your body needs more progesterone. 

So it would be stealing that progesterone from your body in order to make more cortisol.

So there will be no progesterone or less progesterone to oppose estrogen and there will be more estrogen dominance.

Excess Body Fat

In fact, the fats act like an Endocrine gland because it produces Estrogen by itself.

So if you can find a way to lower that percentage of fats you will lower estrogen levels.

Environmental Factors

Pollution in the environment is another cause of it. Pollution includes Nitrogen and things like Plastics, pesticides, Herbicides, all the chemicals in our skincare body care and makeup cleaning products.

All of these acts in the body as estrogens like fake estrogen and they can cause estrogen dominance. 

A plate containing french fries, a big beef burger & a cup of cheese. this type of junk food causes estrogen dominance.

Unhealthy Diets

An unhealthy diet means a diet that is very low in Fiber, with very little vegetables, very little fruit & with a lot of processed carbs.

So basically a lot of white flour a lot of sugar and hardly any nutritious fruit.

This kind of diet is also a major cause of estrogen dominance.


Hypothyroidism or slow thyroid function is another major reason for Estrogen dominance and a slow thyroid function can lead to a sluggish liver.

The liver is the organ that gets rid of excess estrogen. So if you can’t do the job properly the body’s just going to build more and more estrogen and that will result in estrogen dominance.

Foods Responsible For High Estrogen 

Here are some high estrogen foods you need to avoid.

Wheat And Grains

Wheat and grains are very rich in estrogen contents. You must avoid such high estrogen foods to avoid weight gain and other problems associated with high levels of estrogen.

An increase in estrogen levels results in infertility & early maturity among women.


Well, you might not like the thought of giving up on alcohol really but if you are looking to avoid Estrogen then this is something you would have to sacrifice on.

At least limit the consumption of a hard choice to make but all worth it. 

soy milk in a blue bowl along with white plastic spoon full of soy beans. Some soy beans are also present between the spoon & bowl on a white grill above the wooden table Soy

Mostly you would hear good things about soy but not many would tell you that soy has high levels of estrogen.

Consumption of soy can briskly hike up the estrogen levels in the body which can further trigger problems.

Generally, pregnant ladies are advised to include soy in their food but actually, they really increase the estrogen levels in the body. 

This is due to the Isoflavone present in Soy which simulates the production of estrogen in the human body.

Food Additives

Food additives are used to save the foods containing oils and fats from turning acidic.

These additives can protect the body by stimulating the growth of estrogen levels

Completely avoid any food additive if you are looking to cut down on the estrogen.

Wherever you see any food additives you must just refuse to eat that.

Dairy Products

Conventional dairy products are also a major contributor to high estrogen levels in your body.

In conventional dairy, certain amounts of hormones are used to have a higher production of meat & dairy.

These dairy & dairy products stimulate the estrogen levels in your body.

Red Meat

Red meat is considered as a good source to improve blood profile in the body.

Whereas, some studies suggest that women who eat a lot of red meat have higher estrogen levels in their body.

So for women, it is better to avoid excess use of red meat. 

a brown color bowl full of flax seeds. Some seeds are also present around the bowl on the surface

Flax Seeds

Though flax seeds are considered good for weight reduction they have their effects on health.

Flaxseeds are among those which contain the highest levels of estrogen.

These must be avoided to snuff excessive Estrogen levels which are not suitable for the body or your fitness goals.


legumes are highly rich in estrogen levels and must be avoided.

Among legumes, the white beans and the black beans are the rich hubs of estrogen.

Dried Dates

Certain fruits after they are converted into dry fruits their chemical properties change and become a whole new composition. Dried dates are one of them.

Dates are among the dried fruits which are known to shoot up the estrogen levels in the body.   

Ways To Balance Estrogen Levels

Here are also some really important tips & dietary changes to make if you want to get rid of excess estrogen in your body.

Take Adequate Amount Of Amino Acids 

You need to have adequate levels of co-factors like B vitamins, Zinc & Selenium.

Also, you need certain amino acids especially the amino acids Methionine and Glycine to have healthy detoxification of estrogen.

close view of fresh broccoli pieces in a blue bowl.  Sulfur Rich Vegetables

Try to use sulfur-rich vegetables, because the sulfur compound in those vegetables help the liver to conjugate those estrogens and to clear them out of the body.

So, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Onions, Garlic & Cabbage are great options to support the detoxification of estrogen. 

Avoid Alcohol

Try to avoid alcohol completely or at least greatly reduce it, because that really increases your levels of estrogen.

Avoid Dairy& Sugar

Try to avoid anything that is pro-inflammatory. So dairy products & sugar are all of those things that create systemic inflammation in the body & tend to make you hypersensitive to estrogen.

These products also have effects on your ability to have bowel movements. So in that case again you will be reabsorbing all of that estrogen.


Estrogen dominance is a serious issue but it is manageable by some really simple ways mentioned in this article like:

Dietary changes to make if you want to get rid of excess estrogen in your body.

Avoid alcohol or at least greatly reduce it, because that really increases your levels of estrogen.

Avoid anything that is pro-inflammatory. So dairy, sugar all of those things that create systemic inflammation in the body, tend to make you hypersensitive to estrogen.

And they can also have effects on your ability to have bowel movements, which again you will be reabsorbing all of that estrogen.


Have A Happy & Healthy Life.


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