How Smoking kills A Woman’s Sex Drive

How Smoking kills A Woman’s Sex Drive

You are definitely thinking that what is the connection between a Woman’s sex drive and smoking? Yes, it has a connection.

Actually, every time when we talk about the negative impacts of smoking, it’s mainly focused on smoking in men.

The impact of smoking on women health is relatively less discussed. So today we will see some of the negative impacts of smoking in women mainly that how smoking kills a woman’s sex drive.

A cigarette has the fire on its one end and a stupid on its other end. Pardon me if anybody feels hurt with that but this is a fact.

You just think yourself that anybody who is burning his health and wealth both with fire deserves to be called sensible?

The Attention You Deserve

It is very unfortunate that women sexuality is certainly not a much-studied subject whereas in some parts of the world it’s a taboo to talk about women sexuality.

 A blonde woman in green cap & bikini smoking on a beach. Sex Drive

But, the situation is gradually going better and, as the data comes in, it is evident that the outcomes are not going in favor of smoking.

Almost all the studies that were led to testing the effect of cigarette smoking on women demonstrated that it diminished their libido and sexual excitement.

You definitely realize that smoking hits the lungs. However, do you realize that it hits the blood circulatory system as hard?

It creates a huge assortment of dangerous substances, which impact each and every cell in your body that is the reason a smoker’s hands and feet are always cold.

You will be surprised to know that the Nicotine in cigarettes and other Nicotine-containing items slow down the blood flow to the Clitoris and Vagina.

Reduction Of Woman’s Sex Drive

Cigarette smoking reduces a woman’s sex drive and pleasure. So as a woman, you can include it in the list of hundreds of different reasons why you have to stop smoking immediately.

The Nicotine and Tar found in cigarette smoke not only destroy your wonderful night, but they also contribute to decreasing your ability to get pregnant.

Cigarettes damage your Ovaries and tubes, minimize your chances of starting a family.

So in the case that you are planning to get pregnant, you and your partner have to stop smoking immediately

More Is Not Always Better

Smoking likewise influences the menstrual cycle.

Women who smoke regularly are more inclined to have irregular and painful periods.

Painful menstruation periods are longer for smokers.

Nicotine has another nasty impact. It diminishes your Estrogen levels. In this way, it accelerates the arrival of Menopause.

Additionally, smoking women achieve Menopause years earlier than their non-smoking companions.

Their reduced estrogen levels also enhance their risk of developing other different complications.

The Big C

Cigarettes last gift to the female reproductive system is a high risk of Cervical and Vulvar cancer.

The harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke badly affect your cervical cells so the chances of cervical cancer increases by 30%.

On the other hand, the statistics show that 86% of Lung cancer cases are related to smoking.

Now just think for a moment would you travel in a particular boat if you knew it was 30% more likely than any other to sink? Obviously not.

You Are Still Smoking?

As we discussed how smoking drastically expands your chances of creating Vulvar cancer as compared to non-smokers, so any good reason to continue smoking?

Keep in mind that, over this, cigarette smoking has other negative impacts.

Vulvar and Cervical cancer is only two out of many cancer possibilities.

These and other negative parts of the smoking gather.

Compromise Your Relationship

Your body is a diverse system. Smoking not only damages your body but your mind also.

Addiction to Nicotine is just like any other form of addiction.

 a woman's hand holding a man hand showing a relationship

Actually being a smoker you create a circle of misery that keeps you in a continuous state of stress and anxiety.

Stress and Anxiety are among the top of the list of factors that turn people off.

Smoking negatively affects women’s sex drive and pleasure, as an outcome, the relationship suffers.

For a woman, Cigarette smoking is frequently a source of strain in the relationship. Stress, anxiety, bad breath and less ability to feel pleasure during sex.

Studies have demonstrated that smokers have a 53% higher divorce chance than nonsmoking couples.

Don’t be surprised by such high separation rates for smokers. You can see the impacts of smoking on yourself and on your partner, you will get the answer.

Smoking has nothing to do with “my identity.” Instead of feeling protective, you should feel happy and appreciative that your partner requests you to quit smoking.

Your partner is doing this since he can see smoking’s effect on you, the individual, and on you as a couple.

Everything Adds Up

Some other damages to women generally caused by cigarette are listed down. If you are a woman look that at what cost you are going on with smoking

How Smoking Affects The Body

The death rate due to Lung cancer in women is far more than Breast cancer.

Regardless of the female’s age, the hazards of cigarette smoking add to female lack of desire and women health.

News from all over the world tells us Osteoporosis, Infertility, Visual deficiency, and Anxiety and stress, without a doubt, are directly or indirectly related to smoking.

How Smoking Affects Pregnancy

Smoking during pregnancy can lead to delivery complications.

The expecting moms who smoke threat not simply their health, but their child also.

Passing smoke impacts into the fetus may cause complication after birth.

It also develops the inbuilt tendency of smoking in the child, it means that you are giving your child a deadly birthday gift voucher which he or she will carry throughout life.

How Smoking Affects Your Skin

Smoking increases the production of free radicals within the body causing serious damage to your skin.

Smoking paces up the aging process and triggers more facial wrinkles, gum issues, oral rot, rough voice and terrible breath along with female lack of libido.

Remember no matter what your age is and what lifestyle you have if you are a smoker then you have to pay the price and the price may be your sex life, your relationships, and your family.

Fresh Starts

Your sexual life and your relationship are incredible reasons behind setting down cigarettes for good.

Look, there’s more to them than the enhanced blood flow to your Vagina and Clitoris. That is an extraordinary outcome, however, things don’t stop there.

Your pleasure and relationship will dramatically improve because of the fact that you will feel easy and normal.

Once your dependence on Nicotine is gone you will find that you are more joyful and your life is less stressful.

Additionally, your psychological and physical state will move forward. You will feel and look better.


Goodbye to smoking will improve your feelings about yourself and, as an outcome, your sexual life and connections will enhance significantly.

Smoking has a solid negative impact on your sex drive, it keeps you in a condition of tension and stress. When you feel along these lines, you can’t love anybody.

Remember to love somebody, you should have the capacity to love yourself. By smoking, you are harming yourself by choice and with full information.

First love yourself and then the people in your life. Try a smoke-free life and explore a whole new world of joy and pleasure.


Have A Happy & Healthy Life.

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