12 Top Tips To Lose Body Fat With Running

12 Top Tips To Lose Body Fat With Running

If you are thinking that Is it possible to lose body fat with running? The answer is yes. How you can do it? Here are the 12 most effective tips to lose body fat with running.

Running is a superb exercise for your brain and body. It really is a terrific way to improve fitness and improves your mood.

Personally, I always enjoy my running because I could always feel my brain being unclogged and also liberated from everything happening around me.

It increases the fitness of the heart, it reduces the chances of many health problems including Stroke, Heart issues, and Type 2 Diabetes.

Running is particularly good for weight reduction.

Let`s say you burn off 300 calorie consumption from thirty minutes running time, if you run at least 5 times in weekly, that’s a fairly easy 150 minutes of aerobic fitness exercise weekly.

That appears like plenty of advantages from just running a few miles early in the morning each day.

As easy as running can be, as beneficial it is to your body and mind, specifically for weight loss, but in a correct way, which means there’s also wrong means of carrying it out, wow.

The goal of this informative article, however, is to help you realize some important things you should know to do it in the right way

1-Get The Proper Footwear

Definitely, if you’re serious about running, it’s always worth investing in good running shoes.

It’s not so much about the brand its what feels comfortable and is the right fit for you.

a pair of black sports shoes one with a foot inside.

You cant do it in your regular walking shoes. Running requires special shoes.

These shoes were designed to ensure safe practices while running.

Find a good sports shop and get the shoes according to your foot strike and arch.

The right pair of shoes helps cushion your system against the shock of the pounding action when your foot hit the ground.

Running with the right footwear can make you comfortable and can maximize your performance

2-Get a New Footwear Every 300-400 Miles

Once you’ve got the right footwear for your run, you will need to check on them for deterioration regularly.

It is strongly recommended by the fitness experts and trainers that you substitute your jogging shoes when you reach the 300-400 kilometers’ milestone.

This milestone can be reached in as soon as 3 months to 5 months depending on the number of miles you run each week.

If you are on the bulkier side, you should replace them every 300 kilometers to make sure your basic safety and comfort if you are running.

Remember, they could still look good but it doesn’t mean they may have not worn down inside.

3-Find Softer Ground & Surface For Running

Avoid hitting the hard stuff like running on the roads & pavements. Find some soft grassy ground, running through woodland it’s just a really good way.

Why surface is important because it impacts your running time, and also helps you to have safe running.

4-Running In a Group

Many people become lazy when it comes to running alone, they usually need some motivation to essentially run their targeted ranges.

If that is the case with you then find runners group or make your own group with some friend or with people in your own area. That’s how you could cover more distance and in less time too.

Such a group will become a support group for you and can enable you to stay encouraged when you run.

You’ll also find it to be always a good interpersonal experience.

5-Don’t Over Train And Get Your Self Injured

It is vital you don’t push yourself to run too much too soon.

According to some studies, about 65 percent of runners have running-related injuries each year. So, you should be extra careful you don’t put too much burden on the body.

Start small and build up your stamina and strength and that mean you can run just a little further every couple of days.

You can certainly do this by establishing easy distances for your own and expand them regularly as your strength boosts.

Make sure that you stop at the point where you achieve your body limit. This is important to avoid any injury or damage to your body.

6-Focus On Minutes Not Miles

Starting to warm up before you run is wonderful for your body. It can help to reduce the probability of you getting injured throughout your run.

If you are a just starting running for fat burn, just focus on minutes don’t worry about how many miles you’re doing. Within the first few weeks when you’re learning to run.

You can run five minutes daily in Ist week, then the next week at 10 to 15 minutes, and the week after that it’s above 15 minutes.

Believe me, when you can run for 20 minutes you are then in the right direction.

You could start out with a gradual run and then some stretches exercise that works your buttocks, legs as well as your back. 

Obtaining a good warm-up prior to the run will help you stay energized and make your muscles more pliable because of the boost within your temperature and the circulation of blood.

7. Get Into The Proper Running Posture

There’s a correct way to perform and setting it upright will raise the benefits your body is going to get from it.

It’s important that you look in ahead when you run, leaning the body forward just a little, this will improve your system balance.

Also, make sure that your weight is on the midsection of your feet as opposed to the front or heels.

a long haired blonde girl is taking start for running on a road to loose body fat.

In case you notice heavy thuds when you run, this means your body weight is on the incorrect part of your foot.

Your arms should be relaxed and bent at a 90-degree angle. This gives your system a push ahead when you run.

Make sure that you maintain regular rhythmic and profound breaths when you run.

This will make sure that you don’t go out of breathing and get fatigued easily.

These points should be considered to get the right running posture.

8-Cool Down And Stretch Following The Run

Achieving your goal distance can be interesting and fulfilling but make sure that you don’t miss the next stage of your exercise which is merely as important as the run.

Ensure that you do some cool-down exercises after your run.

It’s important that you loosen up your thighs, hamstring, leg, lower back, and hip muscles.

Properly maintain each stretch out for at least a few seconds.

9-Do Alternate Exercise On The Days You Do Not Run

Remember to train your system with exercises that increase your endurance, power, and stamina.

These other exercise sessions will improve your running capacity and build-up your current fitness.

Incorporate sessions of muscle building up workouts into the exercise agenda on days you do not run.

10-Stay Hydrated

You lose a whole lot of body’s water in the form of perspiration when you run, which means you need to drink sufficient water to compensate for water reduction and stay hydrated.

a girl in white sleeveless shirt drinking water after running for weight loss..

The sufficient amount of water to drink varies from individual to individual.

The general standard is 2.7 to 3.7 liters daily.

However, the quantity of water you have to drink daily relies majorly on your activity levels, lifestyle, physique, weight, and other factors.

Have a sip of normal water regularly during the day and drink up if you are thirsty.

11-Running On An Empty Stomach Or Not?

Does running on an empty stomach helps you burn more fat? The answer is yes.

The reason being is whenever you are running empty stomach, your Insulin is very low.

While your Insulin is low and your adrenaline is high, that forces the body to burn more of your fatty acids.

One thing that you have to be careful of when running on an empty stomach is that you must listen to your body.

You don’t want to go any more than thirty minutes of running while you’re on an empty stomach.

Now, why Thirty minutes? Because after about thirty minutes the body actually starts to take from your muscle source to continue to get more energy. 

12-Take Balanced Meals

If you are determined to lose body fat with running, It’s important to eat a balanced diet before and once you run. Everything you eat is simply as important as your running.

The objective of taking a balanced diet is to meet your energy and strength requirements without weighing you down every day.

Before you run, eat foods that are easy to absorb, additionally, it is suggested that you add a little necessary protein in such foods.

This could keep you sensing full and help repair parts of your muscles once you run.

You can even take some fresh juices and smoothies to diversify, but don’t use carbonated drinks or so-called “ Energy Drinks”.

Consult Your Doctor Before Starting Running

Consult your Doctor first, before you start running to lose body fat.

It is more important if you are overweight or having an underlying health issue.

By consulting Your doctor you can make your running experience more safe & effective.


With these tips, you should think it is simpler to have more excellent results from your weight loss activities.

Always keep in mind that Rome was not built in a day so

  • Take your time with your running schedule


  • Eat healthily


  • Stay hydrated


Try to equip yourself with more useful information about how precisely to lose excess weight by pursuing our blog and checking back here regularly.


Have A Happy & Healthy life.

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