Benefits Of Massage Therapy For Fast Workout Recovery

Benefits Of Massage Therapy For Fast Workout Recovery

The majority of the people are not aware of the amazing benefits of massage therapy for faster workout recovery.

Massage has different effects on our different body parts and functions. Here we will see how Massage therapy speeds up your work out recovery.

If you perform intense exercises through weightlifting, your muscle fibers will establish micro-tears.

This is exactly what stimulates the muscle to reshape itself and become bigger and better than previously.

But the healing of muscles takes time. So when you hit the fitness center again before muscle tissue has fully recovered, all you’re doing is creating further harm to muscle tissue, stunting their progress.

With the help of therapeutic massage, you can increase your workout restoration time.
Now let’s see what massage can help in this process:

Benefits Of Massage Therapy For Faster Muscle Recovery

Some studies also show that massaging sore muscles for approximately 10 minutes after hours of serious work out has a remarkable effect on the recovery response of muscle cell genes.

One kind of gene serves as an anti-inflammatory agent, minimizing pain and soreness of the muscles. Also, it is very helpful for the relief of upper & lower back pain or upper back.

Another gene plays a part in increasing the Mitochondria creation in the muscles.
Mitochondria are considered as the powerhouse of the cell. Also, they are an essential agent for muscular contraction.

Thus an improvement in Mitochondria development will bring about faster recovery and expansion of muscle fibers.

Massage Therapy Compared to Ice

The conventional treatment for sore muscles includes icing the damaged area as well as the use of anti-inflammatory medication.

While these remedies are very effective in minimizing muscular inflammation. But they may have one major disadvantage for the reason that they have a tendency to slow down or inhibit muscle repair and development.

It has been frequently proven that therapeutic massage not only decreases pain and soreness but also increases muscle healing and growth.

However, analysts found post-workout massages to be inadequate in lowering Lactic acid within the muscles.

So, the benefits of post-workout therapeutic massage are too important & should not be neglected.

man holding back thigh in red shorts.

Benefits Of Massage Therapy For Legs

Now there’s more to love about obtaining a post-workout Massage than simply the pleasurable sense of parts of your muscles being kneaded by a specialist massage therapist.

Hours of intense training were given to the volunteers in this specific trial. This Workout session was made to produce sore muscles in the individuals lasting for about a few days afterward.

By the end of their work out, each participant was presented with 10-minute massage therapy on one lower leg only, leaving the other leg as a control for the test.

After analyzing the gene information of sample muscle tissues from both hip and legs, they found a huge difference in chemical structure between them.

The gene profiling process exposed that the therapeutic Massage triggered the gene properties that manipulated muscle inflammation.

While exactly at the same time boosting muscle restoration and growth.

Much Better Bigger Muscles Faster

The further experiment shows that after in a month or two of powerful training, the volunteers started to achieve more powerful, faster, bigger and fitter muscles.

That is mainly because of the remarkable increase up to 100 percent in the Mitochondria volume level. Mitochondria are mainly responsible for air uptake at the cell level.

Therefore, a lot more of your muscles have of the Mitochondria, the better they reach extracting Oxygen necessary for muscle fiber repair and regeneration.

The trial has obviously shown that Massage therapy after exercise plays an essential role in muscle recuperation and growth.

Massage In Sports Medicine & General Healthcare

From the last few years, Massage therapy has been gradually making its space in mainstream health care.

Thanks to professionals who meticulously researched the result of massage therapy on human muscle mass and exactly how various genes react to it.

Therefore even in the mainstream as well as sports medicine, massage has gained admiration.

Massage therapy is now considered a feasible treatment for several muscular and circulatory conditions. According to many sports & fitness experts, massaged muscles healed faster, and experienced less irritation.

Also, massaged muscles gains more strength than those who simply rested and given typical medications. 

massage therapist massaging the back shoulder of a woman


How To Find The Right Massage Therapist

Finding a massage therapy therapist that is right according to your needs is significant.
Follow these easy steps on how to start it.

Identify Your Fitness Objectives & Requirements

Although every athlete’s key massage remedy goals are to boost recovery, you may even be considering other benefits, such as:

1) Pain relief

2) Enhancing your flexibility

3) Stress reduction

4) Alleviating muscular tightness

5) Enhancing your state of mind

Shop Around

Get a recommendation from your health club, doctor or some friends. That is because you should avoid those who are running the business illegally.

Also, those who are not qualified, or those not really aware of your specific fitness goals.

Other areas to consider include health and fitness centers, Chiropractic treatment centers, massage colleges, and spas. Give them a phone call and discover what they need to offer.

Ask About Their Fee

Some therapists offer different rates for different massage therapy methods whereas some others give you a uniform rate. Do they give package offers at some discounted rates?

These are a few things you should consider while discussing your massage therapist’s fee.

Mechanical Massagers

For those occasions when your massage therapist isn’t available, the use of mechanized massager is another most sensible thing.

For perhaps anyone seriously interested in their fitness and training The mechanical massager is the right alternate choice.

There are a variety of massagers available according to a different body and massage requirements.


Keeping in view the above-mentioned benefits of massage therapy, it is now clear that massage therapy speeds up your workout recovery in a great way.

So you can also get the benefits from massage therapy for speedy workout recovery. If you have any personal experience of massage benefits for faster workout recovery, please share with us so that other people also get benefit from your experience.

Have A Happy & Healthy Life.

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