Meditation Benefits, Mistakes & Questions- Beginner’s Guide

Meditation Benefits, Mistakes & Questions- Beginner’s Guide

In the last several decades there has been a lot of research on Meditation benefits and how it affects everything from our body and mind.

There are a lot of questions like how Meditation helps us sleep better, how it reduces stress, how Meditation improves our personal relationships and our social interactions.

Meditation has a long tradition that goes back thousands of years its part of the Yogic tradition.

Basically, Meditation is part of what we call getting in touch with your inner being. 

What Is Meditation

Its a progressive quieting of the mind till it reaches the source of the mind which in spiritual traditions is called the soul or the spirit God

We all have the mind and we all think so we all can Meditate. Meditation is a skill to see how we can calm the mind then get in touch with the depth of energy.

With Meditation, the mind becomes calm and serene and it gets access to this enormous intelligence and energy that deposits within us.

So it’s a way to take that deep rest at the same time being alert and conscious.

Girl with white shirt meditating in a garden

For many people, it’s so difficult to focus the mind, it’s so difficult to breathe from thoughts and, so difficult to relax. these people should just do the art of Meditation.

Learn Meditation three-four days simple steps, you get the most profound experience of your life.

You don’t have to go to the Mountains. All you need to start Meditation is the right instructor.

A good instructor can help you to count the mind using a Mantra, using a sound and in the very first sitting, you will experience something so wonderful.

Why Meditate

Whether you realize it or not the ever-growing pace of modern life is presenting us with so many challenges that if we don’t do something it will take its toll on our health.

So our mood, our energy levels, our decisions, our effectiveness in the workplace, and the quality of our relationships.

Meditation can change over if you have the right technique you’ll quickly start noticing Meditation benefits in all aspects of your life Like:

  • Meditation will improve your health
  • Your sleep will improve
  • Your ability to deal with stress and other psychologically demanding situations will improve
  • You’ll feel more creative more energized more inspired
  • Your mind will be crystal clear and you’ll find yourself being much more organized making better decisions
  • Meditation will make your life noticeably smoother and richer than life was prior to learning

So you should do Meditation because it is the most effective way to manage stress. When you have stress you don’t sleep well you’re not good in your relationships.

Stress is the number one epidemic of our civilization so the main reason is stress management.

You will improve your physical health, you’ll improve your mental health, you will improve your emotions where it’s going to get better at humanity

Whoever you are and whatever your background, Meditation offers you a counterbalance to all of the forces in life which may be pulling you in all different directions.

Also, Meditation can act as a platform from which you can go out into the world and really thrive and excel in all that you do.

Types Of Meditation

Many forms of Meditation exists ranging from simple and easy to the complex and difficult. Different traditions have their own different names for the various meditation styles.

 Traditionally, meditation is divided into two broad categories

  • Concentration Meditation
  • Awareness Meditation

You could also refer to these two broad categories of Meditation as Open Meditation and Closed Meditation.

Concentration Meditation

During Concentration Meditation, you direct your focus on to one particular dot to the exclusion of everything else, and thereby develop your powers of concentration.

By Awareness Meditation, you open your attention to the whole wall and all the black dots attempting to become aware of as much as possible thereby developing your awareness sensitivity and wisdom.

In Concentration Meditation you find an object to focus this object to focus could be a Mantra, a sensation, a Chakra and attitude, and an image or the breath.

By focusing on the object of Meditation, you gradually become identified with the object and this is good because it allows you to push aside distractions and enter a space of mental stillness.

Eventually, you can even transcend the objects of focus leading you to a state of bliss

Awareness Meditation

In Awareness Meditation you do not limit your focus to a single object, instead, you observe a whole range of passing thoughts, sensations, sounds, emotions, and breaths.

You have to develop your ability to expand your whole scope of awareness in order to observe and inspect everything happening all at once. 

Buddha is called Concentration Meditation “Samantha” and Awareness Meditation “Papasano”.

Concentration Meditation leads to an experience called Samadhi whereas an Awareness Meditation leads to an experience called Satori.

Girl meditating with closed eyes sitting on a red carpet in a room

Nevertheless, I don’t want to give you the impression that Concentration Meditation and Awareness Meditation necessarily have to exist as separate practices.

The basic objective is to help you understand that there are two basic styles of Meditation, Concentration Meditation, and Awareness Meditation

You may consider engaging both of these styles of Meditation at once during the same Meditation session.

Meditation does not so much depend on the style in which you Meditates but instead on the object upon which you Meditates

Meditation Benefits

There are so many Meditation benefits like it can reduce stress, can slow aging, improve concentration, and much more.

Researchers from all over the world spend years to find out if it’s all true.

So after numerous experiments, test cases, and researches, they found out that not only were these claims true but there are many more benefits from Meditation which most of us don’t know.

Meditation Benefits To Brain

The first Meditation benefit is that it physically changes your brain.

There was a study conducted in 2011 at Harvard found that Meditating for just eight weeks increases your brain size in 3 beneficial areas,

The left Hippocampus which is responsible for learning ability and ability to retain information.

The Posterior Cingulate Cortex which is responsible for controlling where your mind wanders.

Temporal parallel junction which is responsible for in petty and compassion.

Meditation just doesn’t grow the good area of your brain but also decreases the areas which are responsible for some not-so-good things.

The same study found out that after practicing Meditation for eight weeks they decreased in cell volume in Amygdala which is the area of the brain responsible for Fear, Anxiety, and Stress.

Meditation Benefits For Stress

Another prominent Meditation benefit is that it reduces bad feelings. Meditating on a regular basis can help reduce stress, overcome depression, and reduce Anxiety.

Now stress is not that bad for us. In fact, a little stress is healthy and can help us keep motivated but in today’s world. Most of us take a lot of stress which in turn is not healthy for us.

Meditation not only helps us manage our stress better but also dramatically reduces the side effects of stress.

Similarly, studies have shown that Mindfulness Meditation can help overcome depression it is as effective as antidepressant drugs.

A study in 2014 done by Dr. Elizabeth A Hoge proved that Meditation helps reduce Anxiety symptoms for those who were suffering from General Anxiety Disorder.

Meditation To Overcome Bad Habits

Another benefit of Meditation is that it helps us overcome bad habits. Prefrontal Cortex is the part of the brain which is responsible for willpower.

A study conducted in 2015 proved Meditation as an effective adjuvant therapy to prevent relapse in alcoholic patients.

One group was taught Mindfulness Meditation and one group underwent through the typical 12-step program to leave alcohol.

After one year it was seen that only 8% of people who practiced Meditation reported relapsing.

This very low as compared to 20% of participants who underwent through 12 step program and sprue in the point.

Increases Concentration

Increases concentration is another important Meditation benefit. It helps you to develop a better focus.

Now there was this experiment conducted where people were asked to perform some extremely boring tasks like finding differences between drawn lines.

It was seen that people who had the habit of Meditating regularly performed much better than that of other people.

In our day to day life, we can see that people who practice Meditation can sit for a longer period in office and can focus readily on the tasks assigned.

Students who Meditate regularly can perform better in studies and can focus better on the courses for a longer duration of time.

Extremely Healthy Activity

Meditation is an extremely healthy physical and mental activity.

A study conducted on older people found that it decreases the amount of C-reactive Protein in the blood which directly correlates with her disease.

The University of California Los Angeles conducted a study on older people. In this study, they found a significant drop in inflammation in the body.

Regular Meditation can decrease high blood pressure, it also has a direct effect on our body at the genetic level.

A study conducted by Nobel Prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn in 2010 proved that Meditation helps us protect the length of Telomeres.

Telomeres are the marker of accelerated aging. This is the pool that meditation can actually slow down the process of Aging.

Meditation Makes You Happier

Definitely, Meditation makes you happier. Now in 2004, Richard J Davidson conducted a famous study on Monks who practice Meditation for years.

He discovered that monks had 30 times a normal amount of Gamma waves which are associated with intelligence, compassion, self-control, and feeling of happiness. No wonder why they look so calm happy and satisfied.

Practicing Meditation on a daily basis increases positive emotions.

So it doesn’t come to us as a surprise that top performers of the world today like CEO, Entrepreneur, Sportspeople, etc are all started to Meditate.

It only helps them and they can keep performing better with every passing day.

Meditation Mistakes

Even though there’s no wrong way to Meditate, there are some suggested ways that can make it a little bit easier and a little bit more comfortable.

Right Posture

When you’re setting out to do Meditation posture is very important to get maximum Meditation benefits.

If you’re sitting cross-legged, you don’t necessarily have to have a full lotus position.

But make sure that your hips are above your knees, and that your knees are forming a little bit of a foundation.

If you have your knees up in the air or if you have a leg over afoot. Now what’s going to happen is your legs are going to fall asleep or you’re going to cut off your circulation.

So it’s going to be that much more difficult to practice.

Basically, setting up your posture before you begin to Meditate is really a good idea.

Know Yourself

It’s really important to know yourself. Usually, people get the idea that it’s supposed to be a certain way and then I’m not really Meditating unless I’m sitting on the floor or on a cushion.

But if your body won’t let you sit on the floor, sit on a chair.

It’s really important to make sure that you don’t hurt yourself physically by trying to do it a certain way.

There’s no certain way to do Meditation, however, you should follow the basics of Meditation

So if your body says please let me sit in a chair, go ahead and sit in a chair, it’s absolutely okay.

It is also important during Meditation to try and control your breath. One of the primary instructions in Meditation is to bring your awareness to the breath.

This is a concept that you need to breathe a certain way. It should be deep or should be long or short.

Actually, you’re not doing any kind of controlling of the breath you’re just kind of experiencing the breath.

So if you find want to be different from the way it is, step back a little bit and maybe just experienced the air filling your lungs.

That will be much easier for you instead of trying to force it into a certain pattern.

Beginner’s Questions About Meditation

If you are going to start Meditation, you definitely have certain questions in your mind.

You may be confused about some very common things regarding Meditation, like every beginner,

Don’t Worry, Here are the answers to some most common questions about starting and to get maximum benefits of Meditation

Best Time For Meditation.

Now, what’s the best time of the day to do Meditation? Ideally speaking in the morning.

Its Very simple, because you had a restful night hopefully. So when you do Meditation then it actually energizes you.

If you’re tired then it’ll put you to sleep because that’s what you need. So early in the morning and then late in the afternoon.

To get maximum meditation benefits, 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning are the best timings for the meditation session.

Try to arrange it before your evening meal.

How Much Time Do You Meditate

Again this is for me it’s not for the world because I have a different life. I Meditate for one hour in the morning.

You can meditate 15 to 20 minutes twice a day that’s enough.

Where To Meditate?

Does it matter what space you’re in to do it? No, you can be in an airplane, you can be in as in a taxicab, as long as you’re driving, you can be anywhere.

Just like you can think a thought anywhere so you can manage it you can Meditate anywhere.

Sitting Versus Lying Down

Sitting is better because when you’re lying down you’re likely to fall asleep.

While sitting you can concentrate and breath better as compared to lying down.

Soft Music or Sounds of Nature

Some prefer sounds of nature and some other uses soft music as additional aids and in their Meditations routine. I personally prefer complete silence.

If not possible then I prefer the sounds of nature because it gives a spiritual touch.

But you can choose the option with which you feel comfortable and focused.

Focus On Breath Or Not

Well, you can observe the breath but you don’t manipulate the breath. The breath by itself will get slower and deeper and at a certain point.


Meditation benefits are Amazing. It can change your life if you do it consistently and correctly.

As you practice on a regular basis, you will notice a big transformation within yourself.

Not only you but people around you also will start recognizing that beautiful energy that you carry it on along with you.

So you should Meditate a few minutes every day and make life free from stress and have more happiness in your life. Beginner’s guide.


Have A Happy & Healthy Life.

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