17 Top Ginger Benefits-Power Pack Food For Men

17 Top Ginger Benefits-Power Pack Food For Men

Ginger is a popular spice with some powerful medicinal properties it’s become well known for its many health benefits and people around the world consume it for this reason.

Ginger is a great source of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that are essential to your health. 

Health researchers are recognizing that the synergistic effect of Ginger is more potent than single agents alone.

Due to its characteristic aroma and flavor, Ginger is widely used in bakery items, beverages, and even perfumes.

There are several advantages that Ginger brings and in this article, you will realize that you should have put this amazing gift of nature in your daily life. 


Ginger is common in countries like India, Philippines, China, Sri Lanka, Mexico.

Fresh ginger slices on a wodden surface

Other members of the family Zinjibar ac include Turmeric, Cardamom, and Galangal.

Jamaican Ginger was the first oriental spice grown in the modern world and imported to Europe.

With over 33 percent of the global production, India is now leading grower of Ginger replacing China.

China is now the second largest grower with about 20 % followed by Nepal about 12 %, Nigeria and Thailand each about 7%, and Indonesia about 5%.

Ginger roots are often used as a spice in South Asian recipes. It is a common ingredient of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese and other South Asian cuisines for flavoring dishes.

Nutritional Value Of Ginger

  • Calories 80 
  • Sodium 13 mg
  • Potassium 415 gm 
  • Vitamin C 8 %
  • Calcium 1 %
  • Iron 3 %
  • Vitamin B6 10 %
  • Magnesium 10 %
  • Total Fat 0.8 gm
  • Saturated Fat 0.2 gm 
  • Poly Unsaturated Fat 0.2 gm
  • Mono-Unsaturated Fat 0.2 gm
  • Carbohydrate 18 gm
  • Dietary Fiber 2 gm
  • Sugar 1.7 gm
  • Protein 1.8 gm

Amazing Ginger Benefits To Health

Now in this list, we explore amazing health benefits of ginger

Helps Manage Blood Sugar Levels

According to some researches, Ginger can help keep blood glucose levels in check.

Well, this is a very important benefit because these Glucose levels have a direct impact on weight loss and weight gain.

Glucose levels also have an impact on how energetic or lethargic you feel throughout the day.

If you sometimes feel that midday crash it’s most likely due to your blood sugar levels.

So, try Ginger as a fresh & natural alternative to those so-called energy-boosting products. 

Ginger may have powerful anti-diabetic properties also.

According to this study

Ginger may be an effective intervention for managing Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.Journal of Ethnic Foods

So, If you are diabetic, try Ginger as a healthy & natural option.

Ginger Relieves Gas

There are many anti-gas products on the market but it’s always best to try a natural remedy.

So including Ginger in your diet is the best option to avoid gas and bloating.

You can try Ginger tea it’s easy to make and it has been proven effective at relieving gas. 

Take a cup of Ginger tea before going to bed and you will see the results overnight.

While you’re sleeping it helps clear out your Digestive system and neutralizes the problem from inside. 

Ginger tea absorbs the acid present in your stomach and a good remedy against heartburn. 

Weight Loss

Maintaining weight within a healthy range is one of the best things for your overall health.

Obesity can lead to many problems including heart attack stroke, high cholesterol, Hypertension, Diabetes, and even Cancer.

So, if you are going to lose weight adding Ginger to your diet will help your weight loss efforts.

Ginger could speed up your metabolism leading the calorie burning. It can also help keep you feeling full longer reducing your overall calorie intake. 

Also, it stimulates the generation of heat and sweat potentially easing the weight loss.

Ginger Boost Nutrient Absorption

If you’re looking to improve your health in general and perhaps lose weight you’ll want to absorb as many nutrients as possible. Ginger has been known to boost nutrient absorption.

Do you know that when you eat even a healthy meal your body doesn’t absorb all the beneficial nutrients?

Your body will absorb somewhere between 10 to 90% of the Vitamins and Minerals in your food.

Nutrients help signal your Hormone to let the body know when it’s full and keep your fat-burning system working at optimal levels.

stethoscope, tablet blister, some tablets on an ECG report showing the heart disease.

Ginger Helps To Reduce Heart


Ginger helps thin blood improving your overall circulation.

So, as Ginger improves your blood flow it can create a warm feeling in your body.

This is the reason why people enjoy Ginger tea during cold winter days.

While Ginger is a good source of Magnesium, Vitamin B-6, and Potassium which protects men from various heart-related diseases. 

Magnesium and Potassium have the power to stabilize blood pressure thus preventing heart disease. Vitamin B-6 also contributes to reducing the risk of heart disease.

Ginger may help to prevent heart disease as it is a great source of Vitamin B6, Magnesium, and Potassium.

However, if you are taking medications for this purpose, Ginger can interfere with your action.

Natural Blood Thinner

Ginger is a natural blood thinner and prevents blood clotting this reduces the risk of Thrombosis which will reduce the risk of Heart disease, Stroke, Pulmonary Embolism, Thrombosis, etc.

Improves Your Breath

Ginger can help improve your breath. Having fresh breath is always a good thing for your personal hygiene.

It’s best to eat Ginger toward the end of your meals so it can cleanse your palate and leave your mouth feeling refreshed.

Also, you can just mix some Ginger with hot water and drink it. It is a good way to flush out your mouth and to neutralize any bad taste.

Boosts Immune System

If you seem to be battling with frequent colds chances are that your Immune System is weak.

your diet plays a vital role in making your immune system strong or weak.

Adding ginger to your diet will help in keeping your body’s defense system strong.

According to many physicians, Ginger helps cleanse the Lymphatic system, flush out toxins, and kill bacteria.

Clears Sinuses

Well, it’s always better to go with the natural alternative rather than over-the-counter drugs and self-medication.

Try Ginger as the first option to clear your Sinuses. The active ingredient in Ginger has proven to work wonders on the Sinuses.

It helps unclog your Sinuses and facilitate drainage.

You can brew a nice hot cup of Ginger tea to reap the benefits without the use of any medications and their possible side effects. 

Newspaper cutting showing the word Cancer with Magnifying glass

Fights Cancer

Studies have found Ginger to be beneficial in fighting Lung, Prostate, Ovarian, Colon, Breast, Skin, and Pancreatic Cancers.

According to researchers, Gingers Anti-Cancer properties are due to 6-Gingerol which is found in large amounts in raw Ginger.

6-Gingerol has Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory, and Anti-Tumor properties.

Simply add Ginger to your diet as it can help prevent new cancer cells formation and destroy active ones.

It is also useful for people who are already on cancer treatments.

According to a 2012 study published in Natural Medicine Journal, Ginger has the potential to decrease eicosanoid levels so it helps to treat & reduce the risk associated with colorectal cancer.

So, Ginger has been known to prevent the toxic effects of anti-cancer drugs.

Studies at the University of Minnesota have proven that Gingerol promotes fluidity of blood vessels and reduces the likelihood of Intestinal Contamination.

According to Research in 2015.

Ginger and its active components including 6-Gingerol and 6-Shogaol exert anticancer activities against GI cancer.Gastroenterology Research and Practice Volume 2015

Proven Health Benefits Of Ginger For Men

Here are some specific Ginger benefits for men 

Reduce Muscle Pain And Soreness 

Before you reach for a conventional pain reliever like Advil or Aspirin try ginger first.

Regardless of the type of pain, you’re suffering Ginger acts as a natural pain reliever.

It even fights inflammation that could cause aches and pains and works on a hormonal level.

Potassium and Magnesium play an important role at this point. Both prevent muscle damage and open up muscle tissues so that the cells get enough water for good hydration.

According to this study,

Consuming two grams of Ginger per day for 11 days significantly reduced muscle pain and people performing elbow exercise.Official journal of American pain society

You can also start your morning with a cup of Ginger tea and see the improvements throughout the day.

Ginger Prevents Erectile Dysfunction. 

The Erectile Dysfunction is a problem that affects many men and there are several causes of this happening.

It can be caused by problems of

  • Psychological disturbances
  • Stress or Anxiety
  • Hormonal, Neurological or Vascular diseases
  • Excessive consumption of Medicines
  • Smoking, and Alcohol.

Improves Blood Supply To Penis

One of the most important Ginger benefits for men is that it improves blood circulation.

Ginger is considered an aphrodisiac in many cultures.

Ginger also stimulates the blood flow which is effective for a man to achieve or maintain an erection.

Weak erections are generally due to insufficient blood supply to the penis.

Ginger can also act in the prevention of this phenomenon because due to its thermogenic effects. It promotes the dilation of the blood vessels which in turn will irrigate the Penile cells. 

Stimulate Testosterone Production

Ginger has large amounts of Magnesium in its constitution which causes the body to produce greater amounts of Testosterone. 

Ginger is a great source of Manganese also. Manganese is found to be essential to a man’s sex drive and sperm count.

It also enriches the quality and quantity of Spermatozoa.

Increase Libido

Ginger root has is the power of being able to raise the temperature of the body that will bring about an increase in sexual libido.

If you have trouble having sex with your spouse because of unwillingness on your part, we suggest that you both maintain a diet rich in Ginger extracts.

This will establish healthy habits for both your bodies and your relationship. 

Sperms with black heads and yellow tails in a circle around a black egg

Increase Sperm Production

Studies have confirmed the role played by root and Ginger oil in the treatment of Premature Ejaculation and Importance.

Ginger root contains Magnesium, Potassium and Vitamin B – 6 plus Manganese, which helps in the secretion of Testosterone.

Manganese in ginger is known for its ability to increase sex drive & sperm production.

Improves Overall Body Wellness

If you have a busy life full of work and when you come home just want to lie down in bed there are some solutions that can make your days improve a little.

Vitamin B6 the Potassium the Magnesium and Copper in Ginger are very important for actions in the body. They act in a way that rejuvenates our physical condition.

Ginger even prevent symptoms of Flu and Sore Throat through its Thermogenic power already mentioned.

How To Include Ginger In Your Diet

You can really improve your eating habits through the use of Ginger in your cooking and drinks. 

The recommended daily allowance of Ginger is at least one teaspoon be it powder, extract, or root.

There are no contraindications of this food to cause some kind of indigestion.

Keep in mind that while it’s rare to have an adverse reaction to Ginger, the herbal experts suggest that you keep it under 4 grams per day.

Also, make sure to look for the following when you’re purchasing Ginger.

  • Ginger should be firm to the touch.


  • The bigger piece of Ginger will be the older one & it is and its flavor will be more pungent. 

Now some of the ways you can add Ginger to your diet are mentioned below. 

1) Make Ginger Your Cooking Base

The most simple way of using it is that you can cut it along with the Garlic and Onion to make a base for your cooking.

This is the best combination, especially for Men’s health. Both Onion & Garlic are also considered as Good for Men’s and Ginger along with these two can really make the difference. 

A Ginger root with two lemons, two green chilies, one red chilly, two small yellow peppers and one large red pepper is placed on a white surface

2) Season The Food

You can also season the food with Ginger.

But when you use Ginger powder, check the quantity very carefully.

Ginger powder tends to be more concentrated than normal.

If you want to experiment in the base of the seasonings, add the powder to your Vinaigrette or the Olive oil in order to obtain a more aromatic oil for your salad.

3) Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is a great way to get maximum Ginger benefits. As mentioned above, Ginger tea soothes Sore Throats and helps an unsettled stomach.

To make Ginger tea cut 250 grams of Ginger.

Add enough water to dip your Ginger.

Keep it over high heat bring the mixture boil hard for 5-6 minutes.

Now lower the heat to a simmer and cover with a lid.

Add raw honey for sweetness. You can also add some Mint leaves, Cinnamon as per your taste.


After reading this article, you should have a good understanding of the important benefits that Ginger offers to your health.

So, start adding it to your daily diet. You should use it in your cooked meals, drink it as a tea, or press it into your fresh juice.

In all forms, you’ll be able to read all the amazing health benefits of Ginger.


Have A Happy And Healthy Life.


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