11 Reliable Remedies To Reduce Vaginal Dryness Naturally

11 Reliable Remedies To Reduce Vaginal Dryness Naturally

Vaginal dryness is an awkward, yet common condition that affects millions of women worldwide.

There are different causes of Vaginal dryness, you don’t need to be menopausal to encounter dryness.

If you are also feeling dryness down there don’t worry, you are not the only one.

According to an estimate, about 17% of women between the age of 18 to 50 years experience Vaginal dryness even before having menopause worldwide.

Millions of women face painful sex due to Menopause yet only 22 percent of them have discussed with their doctor. So what is Vaginal dryness?

What is Vaginal Dryness?

Vaginal dryness is a problem that women of any age group can experience.

The vagina and its surrounding tissue require Estrogen to maintain moisture and keep the tissue healthy and thick.

The vaginal tissue becomes drier and thinner when Estrogen levels decrease and become more susceptible to pain and infection.

In simple words, It is a condition in which the normal lubricating arrangement of the vagina stops working properly leaving the vaginal zone dry, irritated, consuming, and pain with intercourse.

Causes Of Vaginal Dryness

The main causes are:

  • Hormone fluctuation caused by menopause. Mainly Estrogen.
  • Cancer therapy removal of ovaries.
  • Certain medications like, Antihistamines & Oral Contraceptives.
  • Breastfeeding.
  • Immune disorders.
  • Sensitivity to feminine hygiene products.
  • Smoking.

Most Common Symptoms Of Vaginal Dryness

Most common symptoms include:

  • Itching
  • Burning saunas
  • Difficulty walking or exercising
  • Painful intercourse
  • Emotional stress

This Vaginal issue has an impact on your sexual well-being and quality of life.

Embarrassment talking about these concerns may lead to serious issues in relationships with your partner.

Sexual health is an integration of physical and emotional factors that can affect our overall well-being.

Vaginal Dryness & Urinary Tract Infections

When you have dryness in Vagina, you are more vulnerable to urinary tract infection (UTI).

This is due to the absence of the protection that lubrication provides.

The lubrication of the Vagina keeps harmful pathogens out.

Without this lubrication, the normal flora of the Vagina becomes imbalanced prompting more successive attacks of urinary tract infections.

Nonetheless, many women facing Vaginal dryness have every symptom of a UTI without any microbial presence.

Indications like increased frequency and urgency in urination, itching and burning sensation within the vagina are all because of the dryness of the Vagina.

This makes things really awkward for a woman.

What To Do About Vaginal Dryness?

Here are some easy and useful tips to avoid Vaginal Dryness.

Avoid Douching

According to expert, Douching did something which is not benefiting your private in any way.

However, studies reveal that this can cause irritation and lead to dryness of the Vagina.

So if you are feeling dry then it’s best to stop using the Douche completely.

Stop Smoking & Intoxicating Drinks

Be aware of your smoking and do not consume any intoxicating drinks.

Medical Experts says that smoking can decrease circulation and intensify the dryness in woman’s private parts.

Maintain Your Hydration Levels

This is another important point to be considered.

Ensure that you are well hydrated and drinking enough water that your urine color is the light straw to clear.

Your diet has to be well balanced also to prevent dryness.


Some women use hormone replacement treatment either vaginally or systemically.

It is the most widely recognized hormone to help Vaginal dryness.

Estrogen treatment is not recommended for women who have a history of cancer, Uterine fibroids, or over 60 years.

Vitamin E

According to some studies, Vitamin E as suppositories shows success in treating Vaginal Atrophy.

It was observed that it does take longer to show results but it can be just as effective as topical Estrogen creams.

So this is a great option for women who can’t use hormone-based therapy due to a history of cancer or other factors.

Top Natural Remedies For Vaginal Dryness

Now here are some best natural remedies for Vaginal dryness.

Whatever the causes of your vaginal dryness these remedies will work effectively safely.

It is better to consult your physician also to determine which one will be more suitable for you.

two slices of fresh green aloe vera a good remedy for vaginal dryness

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is widely known for its benefits in the healing process.

It is also a moisturizer that helps alleviate vaginal dryness.

Moreover, it is a good non-hormonal alternative used for the treatment of Vaginal Atrophy.

The anti-inflammatory effect of Aloe vera also prevents swelling of the vagina.

It’s better to use a mixture of fresh milk and aloe vera gel to wash the vagina when taking a bath.


Chamomile is a perfect remedy for atrophic vaginitis.

Washing your Vagina with Chamomile concoction will help alleviate many Vaginal issues like dryness, itching, discharge, and painful urination.

Chamomile also has excellent moisturizing properties which are helpful to reduce vaginal dryness.

Comfrey Root

Comfrey Root has an anti-inflammatory property and the herbal solution is recommended for vaginal dryness.

You can use the boiled Comfrey root to massage the Vagina, it will strengthen and soften the tissues.

Alternatively, you can also use it as a lubricant during intercourse to improves Vaginal flexibility and better sexual performance.

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds help increase the level of Estrogen in the system, which reduces Vaginal dryness.

Actually, Flax seeds are one of the most effective herbs for vaginal dryness. It is very effective in increasing Vaginal lubrication and reducing irritation.

Therefore, you should include Flax seeds in your meals or eat them as a snack.


Estrogen level can be treated using Phytoestrogens which are found in soy.

Soy has Isoflavones that alleviate Vaginal dryness. You should drink three glasses of Soy milk a day.

Use this remedy for one to two months to see the effects.

fresh green leaves of Nettle, a good remedy for vaginal dryness


Nettle has strong anti-fungal, analgesic, and bacterial properties.

It helps to prevent different infections and ailments.

It is also very effective in rehydrating vaginal tissues and enhancing the lubrication of the vagina area.

You can boil Nettle and water, filter the tea and use the mixture to rinse the vagina every time after using the washroom.

Black cohosh

This herb is effective in relieving Vaginal dryness. You can use it as tea or in the dry form.

This herb contains phytoestrogen which relieves Vaginal dryness by introducing plant-based Estrogen into the body system,


Chasteberry is rich in phytoestrogens.

It alleviates menopausal symptoms such as Mild depression, Vaginal dryness, and hot flashes. It also stabilizes hormones.

You can use it by itself or combine it with other supplements like Black cohosh.

Dong Quai

This is one of the best herbs for Vaginal dryness because it provides relieve in Menopausal symptoms.

Combining it with other herbs such as Chasteberry or Black Cohosh will help reduce dryness and enhance lubrication.


According to Studies Ginseng may have similar components to Estrogen.

Ginseng makes Estrogen-like effects on the biological system and helps increase Vaginal mucosa, thereby alleviating Vaginal dryness.


The natural yogurt could contain bacteria that help your symptoms.

According to studies, a low amount of Lactobacillus is associated with symptoms of Vaginal Atrophy.

Lactobacillus is the bacteria which is present in most probiotics.

Researchers suggest that Probiotics could be an effective way to keep the bacterial environment in the Vagina dominated by Lactobacillus dot4.

Bottom Line

Hence it could provide you with a safe alternative to prescribed treatments.

Try to minimize your stress levels as stress influences numerous body systems.

Stress also influences the hormones and can prompt Vaginal dryness or make it more severe.

Have a look at your medicines to check whether any of those could be adding to dryness.

In all cases counseling, your Naturopathic specialist can furnish you with the most comprehensive and individualized treatment according to your requirements.


Have A Happy & Healthy Life.

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